Some Thoughts

My short-term goal (for today) was to update this blog today with some thoughts, and I still plan on doing that.  However, I want to alert all of my readers to Beer Hobo, the website of a friend who is wandering the country in search of, well, in search of something.  Whether it’s good beer, to examine the raw throb of existence, or to hang by the wood stove with Sadie the dog, our friend Heather at Beer Hobo is on an adventure.  Follow closely.

Someone recently offered me feedback on a piece of fiction I’ve been working on.  My character was moralizing on a topic really early on in the story and this reader said, “Why should I take advice from this character?  I just met him.”  I thought the criticism was well-founded, but I politely disagreed with him.  Maybe I’m wrong.  In a world of personal firewalls, technological over-sharing and isolation, I think we’re all looking for advice from all corners of the earth.  Whether the person giving advice (or simply thinking out loud) is Henry David Thoreau or David Foster Wallace or some beer writer from Massachusetts, I think we judge the content of a statement on character (or perceived character), not on meritocracy.  People in this world have vast experiences.  We should be sharing them with others, we should be listening to others share them.

That being said, Heather said something in her latest entry, “In my spare time, I’ve worked and wrote and gone for a walk.  We’re close to the river and some nice, albeit isolated trails along it.”  I found myself yearning for this experience.  I’ve been fortunate to see a lot of the country.  And I’m jealous that people are experiencing the world in such a visceral way as I sit in front of a screen trying to drum up the emotions to describe the effect the natural world has on my own psyche.

I’m reminded of Chris McCandless and Thoreau, Jack Kerouac, people who sought a deeper meaning to all of what we’re doing here.  Mindfulness is a trait that I’m constantly seeking to improve within myself.  I try to remember this when I shower, or walk the dog, or find myself very aware of the fast fading days of summer.  Cheers.Image


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