Brasserie Dupont La Biere de Beloeil

The following article was written for Review Brews, an posted today, 9/26.

In the most reductive sense, writing about beer is a great way to live.  I get to meet people constantly, all of whom have similar interests to my own; I get sent beer fairly often; I’ve had enough beer to stop sometimes, taste something, and think, “Wow, this is one of the better beers I’ve ever had.”

This happened to me on Tuesday night.

Now, before you pause and think, “Well, Tuesday night drinking is an aggressive behavioral tactic, Matt,” I must preface this by telling you why I was drinking on a Tuesday night.

Clay, my college roommate, Review Brews partner, overall great guy and one of my best friends was visiting from San Diego for his sister-in-laws wedding.  So we played golf on Tuesday afternoon, had some Cisco Brewing Co. cans on the course and shared a Heady Topper on the back, too.  Not a bad afternoon.

Great beer is best when shared.
Great beer is best when shared.

It also gave me the opportunity to break out a beer I’d been putting aside for an opportunity like this one.  So, I kept the beer cellared and chilled it, then poured it into two chalices: The Brasserie Dupont La Biere de Beloeil.

The Dupont Saison is one of the better saisons in the entire world, in my opinion, but I think I’d err to say I liked this beer a lot better.  At 8.5%, this is an aggressive offering, but the beer doesn’t taste that strong, opting to do down very smoothly for an ABV that high.

Five different malts were used in brewing this beer, but the star – as usual – is the Dupont Yeast.  Beer writer Michael Jackson once said, “A brewer with the Dupont yeast is touched by God.”  He’s not kidding.  This beer, the last of my four beers from the Rare Beer Club, was fantastic.  We paired the beer with homemade smoked pulled pork, rice, and sugar and butter corn on the cob.  A meal fit for kings.

I should mention something that’ll only be a further testament to the Biere de Beloeil (inasmuch as I chose to write about the former): We ended the night with a vertical tasting of the Stone Vertical Epic series years 09-12.  A good time had by all.  And, it should be added, that this is the main reason why there were no updates and a complete lack of productivity yesterday.

Find this beer, buy two, drink one now, put one away for a friend to share with you.  Seriously.

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