The past two days

In the past two days, this website has seen traffic like it never has in it’s infancy. We’ve been up for a little over a month. The design is pretty bland, the URL is long and choppy, but I feel like the writing has gone well, as I’ve been able to explore a diversity of topics. This is, essentially, how my mind works. Some days I want to write about sports, sometimes life; sometimes it will be about technology, other times I’ll write about my dog.

My goal, I think, is to demonstrate the idea that writing 1,000 words on the state of our minds, our feelings, and opinions isn’t a dying art. I read an article the other day entitled something like, “How to make your writing more readable,” one of those links that a writer sees and his/her hand immediately travels toward it. One of the snippets of advice was (and I’m not verbatim here), “Keep it short.” Readers, always on the go, like an article to be short and sweet.

Maybe – perhaps, probably – this is true. Someone posted on this very blog, “People love lists,” and there may be a list or two here and there, mostly when I feel like taking shortcuts and making a joke out of something. But short was never a type of article that I liked to read or write. I can’t explain why, but, to me, there is something inherently interesting in telling and hearing (or reading) a long story. A good, long-form journalistic piece succeeds because storytelling is the oldest art form. Those are the stories I want to tell.

And whether the stories I tell are 3,000 word recollections of babysitting two children, or 1,000 words on why I’d rather live at the end of a dead-end street, straddling that invisible line that separates Massachusetts from New Hampshire, or 15,000 words about why I like buying local beer, that’s what you’re getting.

I hope the articles of the last couple of days only whet your appetite for coming to visit the site. Not all of the topics will speak directly to your interests – after all, they’re mine – but I hope that the quality of writing will triumph over topic. Our goal – my goal, the collective universal goal – is to improve ourselves, to be a better person each day. And I truly believe that good writing – reading it or writing it – can promote this ideal.

Come back soon.


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