The Holidays are Here

The holiday season gets tough, not from a writing standpoint, but a posting standpoint. I’m continually writing, but more on larger projects than anything else. While some people might love the posts that express “99 Things I’m Thankful for this Holiday Season” or “The 25 Best Books/Beers/Movies/Things I Did This Year,” I can’t bring myself to do these things. It’s not that I do not appreciate people’s taste or recommendations or stories about salvation or humor in front of a plate of turkey and stuffing, I promise. I just find the banal creation of lists to be something I don’t want to do for this particular site.

The writing life has been treating me well and I’ve been fortunate to sell a story and make some good contacts heading into the holiday season and the new year. And I’ve imposed some strict deadlines for myself for the upcoming year. I’ve had the seeds of a novel in me for a long time. Thus, I’ve been working diligently on a story that’s beginning to take shape. I do realize that I know very little about the process of writing a novel in regard to structure, narrative sequencing, and other big jargon-y phrases. I do believe, though, that this ignorance is a good thing. I’ve got a good chunk of a story told, but there’s a long way to go. I’ve changed plot points, perspectives, turned assholes into good people (and vice versa). It’s going well, if at times it can be frustrating and difficult and soul-crushing.

So, that’s what I’m looking to do for now. When inspiration hits me, or when fiction hits a road block (hopefully a temporary one), I’m going to share these thoughts and words the way I have been. And it’s probably going to be more often that it sounds. I try to bring you my perspectives on many of the topics I find interesting and truly hope you enjoy them. This is a forum for my thoughts, mostly, and a collection of writing that I can one day use in some yet-to-be-determined way. I want, also, to include pictures.

Happy Monday everyone.


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