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More articles … News … Etc.

I am approaching almost an entire year without a consistent paycheck. We’ve been able to make due, not without the sometime-stressors that come alongside such an endeavor. The brush is thick at places, but the path is continually clearing as I try to figure out this odd, hard-to-explain world of freelance writing. I’m happy to get work when I do, happy to get exposure, and happier when I get the small checks proportionate to the words within each story.

Here’s what I’ve learned: There are some talented-ass writers out there. One of the most rewarding parts of what I do only a daily basis is having an ability to discover writers – from sites like The Atlantic, The Awl, Grantland, Nowhere (plus countless blogs) – that do exactly what I’m aiming to do. They’re good models for me and, when I’ve been able to connect with some of these people – they’ve been extraordinarily helpful.

I’ve gotten a lot of work recently for a local magazine. The articles I can’t link yet because the issue won’t be out until early May. It’s a start. I’ll link them as soon as they’re up.

Otherwise, The Classical has been kind enough to give me some space on their site to write when I have something to say. Here are links to my latest there:

“The Shock of the New”

“The Wichita State Reckoning”

Til’ next time.


The Classical

Last week, an article that I wrote about my time with the Atlanta Braves was featured on The Classical. I was happy to get back into sports writing, happy to be published again. This site is going to be one to watch and I like to think they align nicely with my interests as a reader and as a writer. I look forward to continuing a professional relationship with them and sharing with you – and The Classical fan base – more of my musing.

Cheers, and please read the article here.