Lunchtime Thoughts

I’ve been listening to a lot of Brian Koppelman’s brilliant podcast called “The Moment” recently and something struck my in a recent episode with Seth Godin. Brian, the host, called Seth, a three-time guest and a good friend of the show, “one of the more disciplined” people he knows.

This hit me hard because while writing has been going well (see: for the newest stuff on Smithsonian, Slate, Vice Sports, Paste), it’s incredibly easy to get caught in the malaise of quasi-success. It’s also easy — with two kids at home most days and a wife at work — to take the time “off” to do stuff around the house. My wife did me the incredible favor of getting the two kid’s naps synced up. They both go down immediately after lunch for a two-hour (give or take) nap.

That said, it’s easy to kill that time. Yesterday, feeling under the weather, I napped for those two hours. I literally couldn’t help it. I was sick. But there are many days that I get other things accomplished around the house: I clean, I organize the pantry, I help with the dishes. Other times, I dick around on the internet. Peruse Reddit, some beer sites; I read the news. I look at Twitter or listen to a podcast.

But back to The Moment: I know I need to be more disciplined in sitting down and taking that small window in the middle of the afternoon to write whatever is on my mind and, like Godin talked about on the same episode, worry less about audience and worry less about who I’m doing the writing for. The jobs have been coming; The work is getting done. But the discipline needs a little sharpening.

So my goal is this: a few hundred words or more every day at lunch time. That goes regardless of whether or not there’s an article that’s being worked on or a pitch being sold. They will be about anything and everything, I hope.


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