Come on. Stop shooting schools (and everywhere else), man.

Yesterday, as I was about to head out to work, casually thumbing through Twitter, a headline came across as breaking news that there was a school shooting that was being investigated at an elementary school in South Carolina.

“Are you fucking kidding me,” I said to my wife, who I then told the news.

I don’t care that this wasn’t some big massacre; I don’t care that it doesn’t seem like anyone at the school will lose their lives. A teen killed his father and then went into an elementary school to shoot people. We gotta be better than this America.

I’m going to say what I’ve said dozens of times already and continues to be true. If we’re not going to do anything about our gun problem after someone walked into an elementary school and slaughtered more than 20 children, we’re never going to do anything. All because of this bullshit document written more than 200 years ago that says we should be allowed to have muskets in case we need to form a militia to revolt against an oppressive and tyrannous government.

Apparently we don’t need to update legal documents to reflect the society in which we live. If there’s going to be an end to American society, it may be because of our blind and never-wavering adherence to every letter of the Constitution.

I didn’t want to start off my lunch time writing with something so somber and angering as gun rights, but I’m just trying to make sense of all of this, too. I was going to write about optimism, actually. Oh well. Now we just sit and wait until someone else with a gun shoot up a mall or a school or a movie theater or any other place that seemed okay to send our children until about a decade ago.

People will continue to defend guns for personal usage and will never understand that no one is actually¬†trying to take their guns; They are actually trying to make it more difficult to buy guns for the people who shouldn’t own them. Oh, “criminals are going to be criminals regardless,” but at least we try to deter them from committing crimes by putting them in jail; Oh, “drunk driving is illegal, people still do that.” Yup, this is true, but, again, there are laws in place to deter this behavior. The point: At least we’re making an effort with those things. With guns, apparently, we should be throwing our hands up and saying, “Fuck that! No one is going to listen, why try?” We put laws in all the time, but try to pass a gun reform act and the world goes batshit.

If there’s a second best part of the South Carolina shooting (the first being the lack of child casualties), it’s that the hero that stopped the shooting was not armed. You hear that, GOA? You hear that NRA? You don’t need to be a maverick gun owner to stop bad things from happening.

Let’s get better people. Let’s have some common sense.


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