Read; Drink

I haven’t done much in the way of internet reading this week, but the article that stands out that I did read was worth sharing. Work and the kids drained me this week. My wife and I basically tag out on shifts. She leaves for work, I’m home; She comes home, I leave. It’s difficult because we communicate mostly through text message. We’re hustling around the house in the morning before she leaves, we have 15 minutes or so before I leave mid-afternoon, and she’s typically asleep when I come home. But this weekend, there’s a three day weekend and, barring any huge journalistic projects, I’m going to try to do minimal work and maximum family time. I deserve this weekend.

Read: “Colin Kaepernick is a real American” by Tim Keown, The Undefeated.

This headline is misleading in some ways, while not being entirely untrue. What do we know about the 49ers quarterback aside from the fact he went from Super Bowl starter to bench to national anthem kneeler? What do we owe to our country? Why is protest so divisive? Why do we salute our flag? Does our flag automatically represent our military? Why do we owe our military anything? Can we support them without supporting what they do?

Drink: Ipswich Oatmeal Stout

The weather is cooling down a bit. Actually, it’s not. It should be cooling down, but it’s not. During the days, the sun continues to loom hot in the sky; At night, though, the chill comes in and we need a dark beer to warm us up. Some of us switch to red wine or bourbon or both. For now, a dark beer will do. This Massachusetts brewery makes an underrated version of a great style. In fact, it might be the best representation stateside of an oatmeal stout. If you want one from across the pond, the best one might be Samuel Smith’s.


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