Idealessness to Happiness; Read & Drink

Yesterday, I wrote about how I was sitting front of a computer with this thought that I would never have another idea ever again. This, again, is a thought I have from time to time. “This is it. I’m done. I’m out of ideas.” Being a writer is stupid. It really is. What a stupid career choice, right?

Anyway, got word on a couple checks, some free beer, some BBQ seasonings, another sold story, and some credentials yesterday. Pretty sweet gig, this writing thing. Amazing. This week seemed to last longer than it should have given it was long weekend and we had Monday off. I’m ready for a couple days in a row off.

Read; Drink.

If you’re a basketball fan, you gotta read Mark Titus on banning charges in The Ringer. I’ve been saying that charges are the worst type of defense a player can utilize for as long as I can remember. It’s bullshit that a smaller guy can just plant his feet, hold his nuts, make no play on the ball, and get a call. It’s a terrible form of defense to help on the weak side and just get pummeled intentionally. Titus agrees. And you should too.

If you’re a drinker and you’re in New England, it’s going to be cold this weekend and if you’re not opting for Rowan’s Creek bourbon then you should probably drink something big and dark like Stone Russian Imperial Stout. After that, go to bed early. Even better, do what I do and watch a documentary on Netflix that you remember zero percent of in the morning. Stone’s RIS is the best in the business, is a strange combination of complex and accessible, and easy to find.


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One response to “Idealessness to Happiness; Read & Drink”

  1. Nate L. says :

    Enjoying this daily writing. Keep it up.

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