Missed one yesterday

I even had a title for the hours missed, I swear.

When it got to around 2:30 EST, I figured I could title it “lunch time in Chicago,” when it became a little bit darker, it was, “Lunch time in L.A.” then it became Hawaii and my attitude was “eff it.”

On Wednesday night, I covered the Celtics season opener against the Brooklyn Nets.

(Short aside: It’s amazing how difficult it was to write “Brooklyn” the other night. I know they’re the Brooklyn Nets. I call them the Brooklyn Nets, but for whatever reason, I kept abbreviating them as NJ.)

I’d never walked into the bowels on the TD Garden before. It was like seeing how a sausage was made. Food was being carted around; Dancers stretched and choreographed routines; Media people I see on TV were eating fried fish and green beans. At the risk of sounding pretentious, I’ve been in the same room with many professional athletes. Very rarely (anymore) do I get starry eyed. This didn’t happen this time — I promise not even when I asked Brad Stevens a question at the post game presser.

What I always marvel at, though, is how big these people are. They’re tall, they’re bodies like Adonis. Just gigantic individuals. Except Isaiah Thomas, who is my exact height and weight, yet, looks entirely different than I look without a shirt on. My daughter told me it’s because he’s got bigger muscles. Nice saber metrics analysis.

It’s different watching a game as a member of the press than as a fan. I caught myself a couple times. Most notably, when Jaylen Brown, the Celtics lottery pick cut to the hoop and went for a dunk (he was fouled). I reflexively bounced to the front of my seat and clenched my teeth before realizing I can’t root here. Closest I got was at the end of the game. I elected to stand to watch the final seconds run out on a close Celtics win.

After the press conference and locker room, I hit the road. It took me about 40 minutes to get home. I unloaded my stuff and hit the bed. In the morning, my son’s nap allowed me time to write a draft (I’d written a bit during the game); Post-lunch naps allowed me some edits; My wife came home and I got a chance to finish a draft to hand it. It will be posted here when I get the final draft published.

Read: I didn’t read much aside from Celtics research the entire week leading up to the game, so I can’t help much here, but I did sneak in Mark Titus as he wrote about Villanova’s win and it’s effect on the college basketball landscape. I love college hoops. I’m excited about this year and this article, written by one of the more entertaining and thorough college basketball minds, is a good place to start.

Drink: Man, I don’t know. Same thing. Not a ton of drinking happening this week, but I really enjoyed Remain in the Light by Cambridge Brewing Company here in Massachusetts. Found it on draft before the Celtics game when I wanted to take some of the nervous edge off. It’s a nice light pilsner, I think a little below 5% ABV, so it’s perfect for those days when you just want to have a beer and not get a buzz.


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