Election Day Returns (take two)

I couldn’t keep the other post up because I thought I’d regret saying bad things about Hillary Clinton. I might not, but, shit. We tried. We tried to make it easy on her in 2008, during the Primaries, and now. We should have read the warning signs. She was never going to be President. People hate her.

I will, however, re-stress a major point.

I am hurt that there are a majority of people who look at the progressions we’ve made (or tried to make) as a country — things like LGBT acceptance, transgender bathrooms, a black president, climate change reform, gun control — and think to themselves, “No. No way. Fuck that. I want my country back. Enough of this political correctness bullshit.”

I get the disillusionment with Washington, the detachment. I get the desire to shake things up, but doing it this way? By voting Donald Trump into office?

White women turned out very well for Trump. This astounds me. He can claim that because he’s rich he can grab women by the pussy. He gets accused by multiple women of sexual assault. And voters don’t care. He insults POW’s, people with disabilities, Mexicans, no one cares. He’s still got their vote. Endorsed by the KKK, it’s fine. I simply don’t get it. I never will.

This was a revolt of the worst kind. This country is becoming too PC, too liberal, too progressive, too multi-cultural. The white people are being discriminated against. It was a revolt against that. Let’s call it what it is. It’s racism, it’s xenophobia, it’s homophobia. It’s ignorance that people will take away their precious fucking guns.

If everything he promised during the campaign is sought-after, I hope he fails miserably. Otherwise, we’re fucked.


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