What a Week; What to Read; What to Drink

It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed reading the responses to the victory of our President-Elect. I’m making peace with it, but I hope two pieces of legislature stays intact:

(1) ACA: please reform it. Do not eradicate it. It’s not a perfect plan for many reasons, but more people than ever before have health care. That’s a basic human right. We cannot deny them that. It’s inhumane. Reform it. Make it better. Strive to make the world better by providing America’s underserved population with health care. Jesus, this seems so easy;

(2) Please don’t go back on all the environmental progress we’ve made, especially with the Paris Agreement of this summer. Climate change is a real threat. Ignoring it and surrounding yourself with people who don’t believe climate change is real is dangerous. And it’s wrong. Please, President Trump, don’t be an idiot.

Alas, I don’t — as of now — have this kind of faith in him. Not yet. Prove me wrong.


I’ve been saying lately that the NBA is our most progressive professional sports league. It’s not an eye-opening statement. It’s nothing I’m teaching anyone. NFL is the NFL, where celebrating is illegal, but punching women isn’t; MLB employs more hispanic players than any league, but doesn’t allow them to have fun; The NHL, for all it’s international appeal, still attracts male viewers by allowing fighting.

The NBA, though, is led by normal people with actual intelligence. This also manifests itself in this week’s must read. Marc J. Spears wrote about Gregg Popovich this week and called him the NBA’s “most woke” coach.

“He’s not the typical coach for sure,” San Antonio Spurs forward LaMarcus Aldridge told The Undefeated. “He’s in tune with what is going on around the world with people and with race. He’s not afraid to voice his beliefs and his opinions. He’s tried to help us realize that there are more things than basketball, more than the NBA.

Read it and gain an even greater respect for one of the greatest coaches in all of pro sports.

As for beer, I promised myself I wouldn’t drink until Saturday but the events of the week made me break that promise for one beer, which was Southern Pines Brewing’s Drunken Vigils, which seemed appropriate for my mood. This breakfast stout came in a 16-oz can and clocked in at a massive 14% ABV. Whoa. This drank with the smoothness of a 5% beer, no lie. All chocolate, medium body, light carbonation. Got better and easier to drink as it warmed up. If you’re ever in that area of North Carolina, grab a whole bunch.

Have a nice weekend.


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