More benevolence, less beef in beer

The phrase “let’s talk about it over a beer” can mean many things, but typically hashing a quarrel out over a beer is a good thing. We’re talking face-to-face and, so long as we’re doing that, everything will be okay. We might not leave the taproom with our minds changed, but at least we heard the other side out.

Social media does not allow for this. It allows us to blindly — and often anonymously — stand behind a user name and avatar while we spew venom at people who don’t agree with us whether it’s about politics or whether or not children should be allowed at breweries.

By giving back to the communities and environments that buy their beers and provide their resources, these breweries are further elevating the beer industry at large.

As someone who follows the beer industry closely, there’s nothing more infuriating than watching two neckbeards fight it out over the keyboard, so I hoped to write about something more positive.

Earlier this week, VinePair published a story I wrote about benevolence in the beer world. That is, breweries who are aiming to use their platform to make the world a better place. Shout out to Dogfish Head, 10 Barrel, SweetWater, and Maine Beer Company for this!