This history and the future of boozy postseason celebrations. Oh, so now there are bombs being sent? Vote.

There are few things as inextricably linked as beer and baseball. I’ve always said that baseball is a perfect spectator sport because you get to drink beer outside watching other people do things. As we know, baseball is a far superior sport in person than on television.

One of the things we do get to see, however, in this day and age of 24/7 media coverage is the postgame Champagne celebration. Perhaps we’d catch a glimpse while the trophies were being presented in the locker room or catch a photo in the paper the day afterward or, at worst, on the postseason highlight video. But that was it. Now, with social media accounts from the players to the media to the organization showing us everything, we can watch these title celebrations.

What does this mean going forward? Where did it all begin? I explored that for VinePair this week.


In sobering news (quite literally), I’m reading the NPR Twitter feed about suspicious packages at CNN and intercepted by Secret Service en route to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s offices. Apparently, they’re of the same design of the mysterious package sent to George Soros earlier in the week. Disgusting. This is what an anti-Press rhetoric does. It emboldens people of a certain mind to do this sort of thing, whether they were an actual threat or not. Something has to change on November 6th. Vote. In some states, registration is passed, but find out here if your state is still open. We need to stop President Trump from creating any more legislation; We need to protect women’s, LGBTQ, and transgender rights; We need to keep our health care. Fucking vote.

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