What is Write Now?

Back when I taught high school English, we had to have a task for students to complete upon entering the classroom. If you were a math teacher, you might have a couple problems on the board that reflect what was taught in the previous lesson; If you were an English teacher like I was, this could go a number of different directions:

We could write for a few minutes in our journals about what we’d read the previous night; Sometimes I’d put a quote on the board and the students would have to address the quote (i.e. what it means to them); Other times I’d have them free write; And other times I’d just have them reflect or think about some abstract concept. It was my way of guiding them into the lesson.

I called it Write Now.

And so I’m taking Write Now to the internet. I’m not going to require participation or reading; I might give quotes and ask questions, to which I hope you’ll respond or lend your expertise. It’s going to be my way of communicating what’s going on (a) with my writing. It’s going to be a way to compile some links and some thoughts and (b) Write Now is going to try to make sense of the freelance world for people eager to dive in. What are some challenges? What are some ways to achieve success?

In a major way, it’s just going to — hopefully — get a community of like-minded folks around the same topics. Sometimes it’ll be sports or book recommendations; Other times it might be a shout-out to a great wine I had (and I hope you’ll share some of your favorites) or an article I read. But, in the end, I hope it’s a place we can chat about where our writing fits in.

Let’s go crush this together.


P.S. Yes, there’s a larger reason for me doing this … but we’ll get to that soon.

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