Write Now Friday: How Literature & Writing Inspires Introspection

For Christmas last year, my wife bought me a book that I flew through in the few days post-holiday. I made it my goal in 2018 to read a book every library cycle (three weeks). 17 books was a nice goal. It’d be more books than I usually read per year. Despite my love for reading, with two kids and demands on my time, it’s much easier to spend my downtime thumbing through social media or watching television. But I stuck with my plan and have almost doubled my reading goal.

Last night, in search of something to read, I found “When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi. It’s a short book – -something along the lines of 220-pages — about Kalanithi’s life and death, and how, in the throes of cancer, the neurosurgeon found solace in his love for literature and writing. It’s written by Kalanithi. 30-35 pages in, but it’s wonderful so far.

Without getting too political, I think one of our president’s major flaws is that he doesn’t read. This is very much in contrast to our last two presidents. George W. Bush and Barack Obama were voracious readers. Reading provides us with insight into the lives of other people. It supplies us with empathy and compassion. It nourishes our curiosity for knowledge and information. I think those traits should be prerequisites for running a country.

So, I ask you #WriteNow community:

What are you reading now? How do you choose the books you read? What is your favorite book and how has it informed the way that you live?


It came to my attention that some readers liked the beer suggestion last week, so I’ll keep that going, but this week, I’m going to suggest Leoness Cellars (Temecula, CA) Zinfandel. We had a bottle a few weeks ago: Big, robust red that paired great with some grilled steaks. If you’re in Southern California, certainly pick up a bottle.

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