Write Now: Another #Friday

For the most part, I’m going to use this space for writing, but sometimes I’m going to just write because, well, that’s what writers do. Maybe some of the things I’ll write about will interest you. Maybe some of them won’t. In either case, I hope you’ll still read them. What I’ll try to do is include some sort of prompt to engage you after each thought.

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve been blown away by anything. Maybe that comes with age. The best movie I’ve seen is probably the best I’ll ever see; The best album is one I’ve probably already heard; My favorite book, show, a slice of pizza … everything is in my past. Just a recollection of the past. This sounds depressing. And maybe to some extent, it is. Is this true for everyone, or just me? Do you find yourself continually finding new things, foods, shows, movies, whatever that inspire you or really blow your mind?
  2. I write about beer a lot, as you know, and I go through bouts of ennui. I just find myself to be uninspired by it. I’ve read the stories. I’ve written the stories. It’s no longer exciting. Then, of course, I’ll find a recharge and do nine months of really fun, interesting stories. Right now, I’m just in the malaise of the former. I want this to change. Is it season affective disorder? Does every line of work go through this? If I were writing about sports full-time, would I feel like this? If I were a baker, would I get sick of baking bread at times, but then come back full force? What do you think?


We’re headed down to Newport, Rhode Island this weekend for the annual tree lighting festivities. My kids are kind of entering that age where Santa, Christmas, and the overall magic of the season is very exciting. Our daughter is fully into it. She’s four. Our son, who is two, is just figuring it out (with some help from the older one).

In my family, we had exactly one family tradition for the holidays: Christmas Eve. We still do this, so it’s nice to have made our own little traditions with our own kids. It provides a nice fodder for reflection and, as such, writing. We’ve all got our story to tell.

Have a great weekend. And give a follow on Instagram to @mattosgoodwrites!

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