Big Important News (& Apology)

Good afternoon, Write Now fans —

First off, my content has dwindled. I know this is true, but it was for a good reason. I loved getting blogs up, but I had a more important job to which to attend: Finishing and marketing my new book, Write Now!: The Guide to Making it in Freelance Writing, which is available now for pre-order (e-book only) and will be available via both e-book and paperback on March 8th.

021119_Front_Only copy

The book is the story of my journey from teacher to full-time freelancer, but also a practical how-to book about success in freelance writing. When I first began freelancing, I knew nothing of the in’s and out’s of freelancing. I didn’t know how to pitch, negotiate price, invoice, or any of the small nuances of freelancing. Eventually, I figured it all out. Through the help of friends and others in the business, I was able to make it work. This is your guide to making your freelance life worth living.

In addition to all that, I’m hoping the book serves as a guide to give people to motivation to break out of the monotony of their daily lives. We’re a society of workers who follow the same linear narrative. In the new age of digital media, content creation, and journalism, there are so many avenues to get your voice heard. I know you’ll enjoy the book.

Check it out. And I’ll be back later with some dates of appearances or podcasts!

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