About Matt


Matt Osgood has been a professional journalist for more than a decade and his work has appeared in numerous national publications. His career has spanned coverage of both professional and amateur sports, including all four major U.S. sports and the Olympic Games; He’s written stories about politics, culture, travel, food, and, most importantly, booze. He’s had the best seats in the house for sporting events and whiskey sent to his doorstep, both in the name of “work.”

A lifelong New Englander, Matt Osgood doesn’t ski (water or snow), enjoy the cold, appreciate the foliage, or even like the ocean all that much. He does enjoy spending time with his family and friends, preferably with the grill going, music playing, and a cold drink in his hands. He lives north of Boston with his wife, their kids, and a dog named Gabby Douglas. 

2 Replies to “About Matt”

    1. Haha … Watched the series along with the rest of the world then forced my wife to watch it with me a few years later. Best reason to have kids is to share it with them, too.

      Contrary to most LOST freaks, I actually liked the ending. It satisfied the romance in me, if not the intellectual side.

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