About Matt


For an updated list of works: mattosgood.contently.com

Name: Matt Osgood

Current city: Haverhill, MA

Family: Wife, two kids, and a lab/collie mix named Gabby Douglas

My writing has appeared in Smithsonian, The Atlantic, Slate, Vice Sports, and many others. Feel free to contact me at matthew.m.osgood@gmail.com


2 responses to “About Matt”

  1. readingbyeugene says :

    This is wonderful: “If someone offered to erase my memory so that I could watch LOST for the first time again, I’d pay up to $10,000.”

    LOST is still my favorite show, despite its conclusion.

    • matthewmosgood says :

      Haha … Watched the series along with the rest of the world then forced my wife to watch it with me a few years later. Best reason to have kids is to share it with them, too.

      Contrary to most LOST freaks, I actually liked the ending. It satisfied the romance in me, if not the intellectual side.

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