About Matt


Name: Matt Osgood

Current city: Haverhill, MA

Family: Wife, two kids, and a lab/collie mix named Gabby Douglas

Often focusing on sports, beer, wine, spirits, or food, my writing has appeared in Smithsonian, The Atlantic, Slate, Vice Sports, and many others. Feel free to contact me at matthew.m.osgood@gmail.com


2 responses to “About Matt”

  1. readingbyeugene says :

    This is wonderful: “If someone offered to erase my memory so that I could watch LOST for the first time again, I’d pay up to $10,000.”

    LOST is still my favorite show, despite its conclusion.

    • matthewmosgood says :

      Haha … Watched the series along with the rest of the world then forced my wife to watch it with me a few years later. Best reason to have kids is to share it with them, too.

      Contrary to most LOST freaks, I actually liked the ending. It satisfied the romance in me, if not the intellectual side.

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