Collected Works

Vice Sports

“Spirit, Mind, Body: Springfield College’s Mystical Coaching Domination” (9/9/14)

“#MilesForJamie and the Race to Beat Cancer” (9/26/14)

“War, Beheadings, and Booze: A Brief History of Tailgating” (11/14/14)

“A Dumb Path to a Dumb Solution: The College Football Playoff” (12/30/14)

“‘Some Guys Never Have a Shot’: Inside the Life of an NBA D-Leaguer” (2/27/15)

“Reasons to Get High, or Why Pole Vaulters Risk Everything for an Extra Half Inch” (3/16/15)

The Secret History of the Kentucky Derby’s Iconic Drink.” (4/29/15)

Beer Advocate

“Class of 2014: Prohibition Pig; O.E.C.; Aeronaut” 1/1/15*

“Casinos & Craft Beer” 3/1/15*

The Cauldron

“Julian Edelman and the Patriot Way” (12/19/14)

“NOW We’re Getting Somewhere” (6/28/15)

The Classical

“A Kid in a Clubhouse in Spring” (2/27/14)

“The Shock of the New” (3/21/14)

“Wichita State Reckoning” (3/24/14)

“Three Days and Ten Years” (7/24/14)


“Tree House Brewing Company” (12/5/12)

“Thirsty Thursday Beer of the Week” (12/6/12)

Thirsty Thursday Beer of the Week” (12/13/12)

Barking Dog Ale House” (2/20/13)

“Smuttynose Boston” (6/17/13)

“2013 Beer Bloggers Conference” (7/24/13)

The Guide

“Touring San Diego: Hillcrest Brewing Co.” (10/1/13)

Good Men Project

Stupid New Parents pt. 1” (8/20/14)

Stupid New Parents pt. 2” (8/21/14)

Raising My Daughter to be a Sports Fan” (9/25/14)

Merrimack Valley Magazine 

“Spirit of Innovation” (5/1/14)*

“Haverhill’s Emerging Leaders” (5/1/14)*

“A Look to Haverhill’s Future” (5/1/14)*

“Six Beers to Drink for the Holidays” (11/1/14)*


“The Latest Victim of the California Drought May Be the Beer” (7/3/15)


The Three Types of People Who Cellar Beers (12/0/14)



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